Welcome to Infinite Possibilities

of the People
by the Corporations
for the Rich

--Mort Sahl

In all honesty, I was not in Seattle for the WTO
but Jim Page was.

Free Leonard Peltier!

Voting is as close to having political power
as riding in the back seat of a police car
is to being a cop.

The Myth of An American Free Press
Welcome to Infinite Possibilities
The Law Giver
Newton's Really Big Assumption
Hello Stupid! Dare we look?
UFOs R US STARWARS and Non-Inertial Weapons
Breaking Through
Unwritten History, a book to read
The Only Game in Town: the Corporation as Mafia
A Review of William H. Kotke's: The Final Empire
OSWALD'S TALE By Dan Armstrong (Ostensibly a Book Review)
Toxic Sludge Is Good For You Book Review
Velikovsky reading list
Who ya gonna call? None of the above
The Year That Was, at Project Censored
National Sacrifice Region
FEMA: Fact, Fantasy, or Failed Democracy
My Song Parodies
Political Science
A hand bill: Print 'em up, & pass 'em around!
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