Didnít We
by Jim Page

November 30th, '99
history walkin' on a tightrope line
big money pulliní on invisible strings
gettiní into everything
so deep, itís hard to believe
itís in the food and the water and the air you breathe
and the chemistry, the bio-tech
the banker with the bottomless check
the corporations and the CEOs
and the bottom line is, the profit grows
the money talks, you donít talk back
they donít like it when you act like that
but didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

November 30th, '99
it was a Tuesday morniní when we drew the line
it was the WTO cominí to town
and we swore weíre gonna shut it down
and they stood there with their big police
they had the National Guard out to keep the peace
with the guns and the clubs and the chemical gas
but still we would not let them pass
and they raged and roared and their tempers flared
and there were bombs bursting in the daylight air
and theyíd run us off, do us in
but we came right back again
yeah, didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

November 30th, '99
millennium passing as the numbers climb
and the people came from everywhere
there must have been 50 thousand out there
there were farmers, unions, rank and file
every grass roots has its own style
there were great big puppets, two stories tall
there were drummers drumminí in the shoppiní malls
there were so many people that ya couldnít see
how that many people got into the city
and the WTO delegates too
we were locked down, so they couldnít get through
yeah, didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

November 30th, '99
lockdown at the police line
and theyíre hittiní you with everything they got
but you ainít moviní, like it or not
and theyíre tyiní your wrists with plastic cuffs
and theyíre loadiní you up on a great big bus
and theyíre takiní you down to the navy base
pepper sprayiní you right in the face
try to break you down, try to get you to kneel
but you got the unity and this is for real
and they canít break a spirit thatís cominí alive
thatís the kind of spirit thatís bound to survive
and didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

now the media loves all the glitter and flash
and all the newspapers talkiní out a whole lot of trash
about the violence of the people in black
and how the cops were so tired they just had to attack
and the secrets hidden in that deep dark hole
that they call, "City Hall," may never be told
the mayorís out doing the spin
the police chief quit so you canít ask him
well they can swear to God and all human law
but I was there and I know what I saw
and the visible stainsíll wash away in the rains
but this old towníll never be the same
Ďcause didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

now itís the greatest story ever told
David and Goliath, how you be so bold
standiní up to the giant when the goiní gets hot
and all you got is a sling shot
well they tell me that the world turned upside down
you gotta pick it up and shake it, gotta turn it around
you gotta take it apart, rearrange it
I donít want to save the world, I want to change it
donít let Ďem tell you that it canít be done
Ďcause theyíre gonna be the first ones to run
just take a little lesson from Seattle town
the WTO and how we shut it down
yeah, didnít we
shut it down
didnít we

November 30th, '99

©2000 Jim Page

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