With the fall of MCM bags remark, the atmosphere above the square suddenly taut, fifty-three glancing each other, eyes being on the other side are all filled with alert, in this chaos Bureau, who can make too long I had always stay down, then he is able to get the next win, but again, most people know, a selection of which is extremely harsh and cruel. 53 people, leaving only eight people, among the eight places, with four Court basically four people have been occupied, that is, in the remaining forty-nine people, able to successfully stay only the four! Forty-nine selected four of these and other screening method, imagine, what will be fierce fighting broke. When present in the atmosphere of tension, but also outside the square are becoming quiet, numerous road unblinking eyes staring at the field. This is the people inside are all able to be counted as a leader in the younger generation, to remove a handful of people, most people have a truly impressive strength, explosive battle between those who naturally is unusual introduction attention. Since the present stature after Yan Lin, MCM bags has been stalled in the eyes of his body, with his eyesight now, it is naturally MCM latter's strength, four star Wong this level, if in other places may be able to be counted as well, but here, it is only to say barely eligible to participate in the contest. "I never thought a few years gone, he actually is reached REBEL level, I remember the year before the retreat, MCM bags strength just another step in fighting the king, it appears that he should also have adventure before ..." MCM outlet eyes Lin Yan rolled back on, soon whispered to himself. Adventure this thing on Zhongzhou not matter what the fantasy that he can help MCM Tian Tan breakthrough blood to fight cases, naturally others get some ordinary people difficult adventure, endless expanse Plains, in those vast mountains, the Who can thoroughly explore what happens?

In between MCM bags himself, that the atmosphere was strained to the point where an unbearable Square, finally, MCM will take the lead in their weapons could not resist lightning stabbing the side not far from one person, but at the moment the Square everyone is in a state of extreme caution, this person physique of a move, is being now, that person is under attack Jingnu, the body suddenly storm surge out of vindictiveness, immediately clasping her hands in weapons, but also on the TV drama raider attack in the past. They fight, on the square that MCM outlet is also the moment to declare an atmosphere of tension broken, a Unit of varying color tyrannical grudge suddenly gushed. Then the whole square, is completely plunged into chaos. Fifty shares REBEL order another vindictive, almost completely filled every corner of the plaza, the tyrannical power of coercion over the plaza filled with so many people get kind of a feeling of oppression. Above the square, vindictive lovers, spread chaos continues, this time, MCM bags almost all are around opponents are enemies, so each one has as frightened as long as MCM who enters their range, the body has a grudge Under the guidance of mind will be involuntary, broke into the scope of the people on the TV drama, moving violent attack. However, under such a chaotic, often occur naturally a few people together to deal with a person's situation, but at the moment such a person can only be considered bad luck, facing several opponents of the same level of attack, barely ten rounds, they is a fast retreat out of the plaza lost. Confusion, is a catalyst to see the field that makes the scalp hemp melee, the stands around the square, but it is like a burst of cheers shattering cry, a lot of people got angry because of this atmosphere become, see MCM That appearance, wished I is the general field of human. That deafening noise, but also for the MCM bags quite helpless, mind a move. Grudge is covered ears, that noise will be completely isolated away, and its eyes, but it is firmly stuck in the chaotic field. At the moment of the field, has been completely chaotic, vindictive swords collide collision and crisp sound, constantly sounded, in this chaotic situation, even if everyone is not the presence of a weak hand, but still have a steady stream of people vomiting exit , the field is too confusing, MCM outlet anti had not anti front behind enemy everywhere, in all directions, is secretly a mistake with a deadly attack will come, this General Assembly, the sword is no eye injury is normal, if shouted suffered defeat in the deadly attack, according to the rules, naturally, will not be someone you out killer.

Confusion lasted less than ten minutes of time, that is, with more than a dozen contestants seriously injured and had to leave the field, and then left to go after all if the words. I am afraid it is not a question of ... the field injured in the chaos, but also some beyond MCM's surprise, he had thought that this General Assembly will choose one orthodox screening model, did not expect to actually come to this hodgepodge ... like a pot of screening ... this is so, not only strength, but also requires a certain amount of luck ah, after all, many people Jiabu Zhu hero, even if you are a strong peak imperial struggle, but if it is bad luck to be besieged dozen REBEL, that The final result, and probably will be quite miserable. Sure. The most unexpected surprise Xiao Yan, Yan Lin is still the guy, his strength here, just flows can only be counted, but the last ten minutes, he still had not actually knocked out, MCM backpack observed in thin After a while, just to see some clues. "MCM outlet agility ... this guy seems very wonderful ah ... but that is too ugly." MCM bags looked thoughtfully MCM field cast that although it is very ugly, even giving a awkward feeling of agility, it seems, is like a duck in a swaying in general, but MCM backpack eyesight now, it touches can see this shenfa fighting skills, certainly not unusual stuff, its mysterious degree, even the slightest much weaker than three thousand thunderous. "This guy, those years really has some adventure ..." MCM backpack for sale smiled, he can be sure that this ugly and awkward agility, before Lin Yan, will certainly never practice too, apparently his years of experience should be obtained. MCM outlet able to see the stick, MCM bags is a sigh of relief, no matter how he Lin Yan is still very good relationship with, can see him now have such success, naturally, quite delighted. MCM bags looked from him and opened slowly swept field, a squint eyes immediately, although at the moment the plaza extremely confusing, but in this chaotic Square, still has four comparison to many seemed safe coterie, while guarding the owner of four small circle, consternation, that MCM ...

Four of momentum at the moment MCM is to maintain the level of the peak in the imperial struggle, MCM bags looked around those icy confusion of the battlefield, the scope of any dare set foot in their circle of people who will suffer are the most violent attacks in the first time, four of them the strength, the basic claim to the generation of top-notch here, although a few people had the same field performance is not weak, but they obviously also dare to touch these four random. Field confusion still continues, MCM backpack for sale but the entire plaza as if into a sieve-like, constantly out there who are excluded from, and be able to stay in them, is also fast becoming scarce in them. With the reduction in the number of fast, chaotic square touches down gradually weakened, and in particular on the spot when the number dropped to only eleven people, chaos Square, suddenly there is a direct unusually quiet, ten one person in the presence of their scattered throughout, while panting, but also wary of each other in the eye. MCM backpack eyes swept the field, immediately laughing now, MCM bags, the guy actually was among them, but now the weakest of the field, is his, and the remaining ten people, in addition to the four children outside the Qing Feng, mostly Seven or even eight weeks of the strong, of course, he was able to stick to the present, his fighting skills shenfa weird, actually contributed. Lin Yan, this thriving, naturally it is easier to attract attention, able to adhere to the first time the four-star Imperial now, or there's so many sessions Quartet Court meeting. Of course, this is not always the best of luck naturally accompany MCM backpack, was present in eleven slightly after the interest rate adjustment, the moment is to have a few malicious eyes turned to him, one of the star power to eight Queen of the red man, it is the sole Yiduo ground stature as Jianban straight Baoshe to MCM bags. Actually see the stars suddenly attracted an eight Huang, MCM outlet face is slightly changed, and that weird shenfa suddenly cast out, insurance, and insurance for the future by that ferocious blow dodge away, at the same time, cheap MCM backpack also hurried pace back.

Blow to no avail, that the red man is a sneer, hands pull the sword out of a knife flower, physique of a move, such as maggots tarsal bone-like, and immediately to the hands of fierce Daomang, constantly forcing forest MCM outlet back. Silver on wood, MCM bags is already stood up to, looking slightly amused eye of danger MCM, he will naturally not watching someone die by the sword, if true to that moment, he is naturally To helps. Eyes firmly fixed on a chase to catch a duo, MCM backpack suddenly wrinkled brow, the red man has a chance earlier that several wounded Lin Yan, but not shot, so look to see, but more like deliberately to catch up with Lin Yan general? Slightly pondered, Meng MCM backpack eyes of a condensate, Dayton MCM backpack for sale in the distance that a recent Senleng yellow robe looking man who, who does not look unfamiliar Xiao Yan, because he is the king who lives Court Dust, at the moment, he is being looked at like a serpent-like circle that distance yourself getting closer MCM bags, mouth has a faint cold meaning. "That guy wants to Lin Yan Wang pressing in attack dust ring!" MCM heart of a cold, and this guy comes in Zhenhen, actually want Collateral! MCM backpack is now on between the red man intent that Lin Yan anxious retreat, but it is finally a step pace attack range of the king entered the dust! cheap MCM backpack footsteps just entered the circle, a chill is in my heart, and soon he is seen in front of the red man is a look MCM backpack for sale acute back, his eyes back Yipiao, but only saw a contains infinite black Pilian intended to kill, such as snake-like in front of his throat Baoshe from.

Looked to take the pace of MCM bags. Suddenly burst into applause outside the square piece of life, regardless of whether it is not the king of MCM dust opponent, but he dared to challenge the latter out of the front face, just this courage, that is enough to make Anzan. Above the seats, their lives, such as dead trees like Venerable passing touch of awe-inspiring smile face, though slightly quirky kid before, but for the king of dust, he also has confidence that the true strength of the latter, after MCM backpack blood After the invasion of the bubble, is already half a foot into the bucket were level, if given enough time, he entered the bucket cases, just around the corner, and even in the past, under the king dust means doing is fighting cases with unusual strong a war, let alone now ... MCM bags, gently circling in the sky this piece of Thunder Mountain, which seems to have a magic track sounds like, when the sound of falling in, so too is this space, completely solidified, look on the face of countless people, both in this Yisha freeze, the breeze blowing through with starting, is a funny sluggish. At this moment, no one will know exactly what happened, but the wind of His Holiness speak weight, but it is extraordinarily clear at the moment, a strong respect for the weight of the bucket, the entire piece vindictive big six, I'm afraid not many people dare questioned. At the edge of the square, MCM backpack for sale is also looking at the direction of the wind slightly open mouth where cheap MCM backpack, full of shock, followed by wind Venerable practicing for so many years, she almost never seen the latter has been leisurely, exposing too so decidedly emotions. She is very clear, at this time MCM remark represents what to say, do not matter if I am afraid that will be a real confrontation with the wind and thunder Court, although the stars fell Court and Court fear of wind and thunder, but If the two forces at war, and that involves, some may truly horrible ... however, such serious consequences, it is because MCM bags given a thing, so was the wind Venerable hesitate! What moment, even her little head is also can not help but have a little feeling of jealousy, immediately MCM backpack suddenly remembered the day in Tianmushan their words: "Acts of the enemy?"

Slender Liumeiweicu, MCM bags some loss, although the wind Venerable many friends, but that friendship, still have not reached this far with the wind and thunder Court enemy at the point, that this enemy, they will be Who? Mu has Qingluan this and other similar-minded people, not just her one, almost everyone in the audience, in addition to MCM backpack, are all somewhat dazed and shocked it ... silent atmosphere, enveloped in this piece of the sky, and even is not even on the horizon at the moment billowing clouds are slowly calmed down ... so the atmosphere lasted for a good long while time, the seats above the thunder of His Holiness, who had just recovered slowly. cheap MCM backpack turned his head, glowing eyes locked Thunder Mountain wind Venerable, Chen Sheng said: "? Wind Holiness, this is what you intended," MCM outlet voice implied that a trace of anger, lest any who can Listen to it. Venerable eyes flashing their lives, but did not verbally, but in the hearts of sneer. Under the gaze of countless wind Venerable closed eyes, is finally re-opened, and in the eyes of emotion, is the convergence to the heart, but he did not speak, but stared straight line of sight the air that the body straight MCM backpack for sale, a hoarse voice said: "You and ... him, what is the relationship?" can make a strong respect for fighting mood became so volatile, anyone can see, MCM bags things previously given. His Holiness the wind, it has a sense of what is important. Venerable old goes face looking at the wind, MCM bags took a deep breath, all the mood swings of the former previously have been clear to him, this time the eyes of the old drugs, well ... the sky stand straight body, MCM backpack in that Under the watchful eyes against the wind Venerable respectful stooping Baoquan, with a point of pride among voice: "MCM outlet!"

MCM bags did not actually see the ignorance once again, MCM outlet also slightly hesitated, eyes immediately praise imperceptible passing touch of color, he did not know why the former vision of the drug can be extremely close as a disciple of His Holiness, but at least , just now it shares courage, would be sufficient irksome. Venerable sophistication to wind eyesight naturally be able to know that the strength of a strong Feng Qing children, although MCM bags also fighting to break through to the cases, but this war, who wins, it's still unforeseen things. For some of MCM deeds, His Holiness is also a slight wind that heard, but as far as he had heard that this is because the former has a strong body soul body's sake, and now, in this a test, but it is by the thunder of His Holiness prohibit the use of lead, this way, but it is so greatly weakened MCM combat. cheap MCM backpack who gaze sweep of the sweep, the Venerable Ray can vaguely perceive a strong presence of the soul of the body, but so have some of his disappointment yes. This soul fluctuations, not all the old drugs. "Careful, this woman of extraordinary strength, not bad if I expected it, after a lake of blood soaked the Tianshan Mountains, she is really into the bucket Jin-level cases, and together with her identity, fighting more is far from unusual fighting cases ... "MCM outlet asked Venerable migraine Road. "If you really defeat, they do their Yingkang, Feng Qing child's talent, indeed I have seen the younger generation in those in the crowd, even Qingluan, with also some gaps, lost to her, in fact, not too humiliating. "Wen Yan, MCM backpack for sale immediately smiled and nodded his head, that the king of dust can help blood Tan Tian reach half a foot into the bucket level cases to which children phoenix clear that more terror talent, broke through to fight cases, it is not what is impossible, but the wind of His Holiness said that the identity of the mouth, but added that he was somewhat surprised ... of course, face nodded, MCM bags physique , but it is quietly straightened some promise, Feng Qing child has her proud. And he also has a MCM proud of their own, and now the wind has shown signs of His Holiness, although each is really struggling to protect themselves, but they also have to share some performance worthy of attention, this performance is not MCM backpack for sale want What you want to show off, he thought, just want someone recognized the teacher's eyes only ...

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